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What is an LLC?

Have you ever shopped at a small business or started your own business? Chances are, you’ve interacted with or used an LLC! A limited-liability company, or LLC, is a type of business structure that is distinctly separate from its owners. Like corporations, LLCs are popular among entrepreneurs and business owners. Instead of being referred toContinue reading “What is an LLC?”

What is a corporation?

What do Apple, Kroger, and Ford all have in common? Besides being some of the world’s largest companies and leaders in their respective industries, these three companies are also corporations! Corporations are legal business entities that are owned by a group of people called shareholders. Many of the companies we engage with daily are structuredContinue reading “What is a corporation?”

What is a loan?

I’m sure we have all experienced a time when we needed to borrow money from a friend or parent. In each situation, hopefully, we paid the money back to the person we borrowed it from. This concept is known as a loan! A loan is an amount of money given to someone, who promises toContinue reading “What is a loan?”


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