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What is the c-suite?

Everyone knows what a CEO is. But what about the other people who help a company operate successfully? The group of top executives in a company are collectively known as the c-suite, hence the “chief” in front of the title. These individuals are very experienced and have typically achieved high amounts of success in theirContinue reading “What is the c-suite?”

What is a board of directors?

Most people believe that the CEO is the most powerful person in a company. However, there is a group of leaders, called the board of directors, that has even more power than the CEO. The board of directors, commonly referred to as “the board,” is a group of leaders responsible for representing shareholders in companyContinue reading “What is a board of directors?”

What is an LLC?

Have you ever shopped at a small business or started your own business? Chances are, you’ve interacted with or used an LLC! A limited-liability company, or LLC, is a type of business structure that is distinctly separate from its owners. Like corporations, LLCs are popular among entrepreneurs and business owners. Instead of being referred toContinue reading “What is an LLC?”


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