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What is a CEO?

Think about a famous leader. Every company, non-profit, or organization needs a key individual, who has great leadership skills, to succeed. The Chief Executive Officer, often referred to as the CEO, is the highest-ranking individual in a company or organization. CEOs are responsible for managing an entire company or organization’s operations, with a major focus…

What is the c-suite?

Everyone knows what a CEO is. But what about the other people who help a company operate successfully? The group of top executives in a company are collectively known as the c-suite, hence the “chief” in front of the title. These individuals are very experienced and have typically achieved high amounts of success in their…

What is a board of directors?

Most people believe that the CEO is the most powerful person in a company. However, there is a group of leaders, called the board of directors, that has even more power than the CEO. The board of directors, commonly referred to as “the board,” is a group of leaders responsible for representing shareholders in company…


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